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Banks, Export Credit Norway and other lenders are important partners when GIEK offers financial guarantees on behalf of the Norwegian government for the purpose of promoting Norwegian exports:

• GIEK provides long-term financing to buyers of Norwegian exports
• GIEK provides guarantees, not loans. The guarantees are provided to the lender, such as Export Credit Norway, or commercial banks and other financial institutions
• GIEK provides guarantees on behalf of the Norwegian government, rated AAA / Aaa
• GIEK follows the OECD rules, defining the maximum maturity and repayment profile, depending on the type of project
• GIEK normally requires that one or more commercial banks participate together with us, and our cooperation with banks include both structuring and documentation
• GIEK provides guarantees in various currencies
• GIEK participates on equal terms as banks, with e.g. same financial covenants and security package. GIEK participates in both secured and unsecured credit facilities
• GIEK can take a large stake in a facility, and cover up to 90 per cent of the Norwegian exports. However, GIEK often requires a more substantial participation from the bank, e.g. in shipping transactions GIEK typically covers 70 per cent of the loan

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