The Norwegian Export Credit Guarantee Agency (GIEK) offers the following guarantees:

A buyer credit guarantee may be appropriate if you wish to offer, or your purchaser requests, financing in connection with an export contract.

Choose a supplier credit guarantee if your firm wants to secure payment in connection with a credit sale to a foreign purchaser.

A contract guarantee may be appropriate if your firm wants security against losses during the production period due to a foreign purchaser failing to perform the contract.

Choose an investment guarantee if your firm plans to invest in countries that present political risk.

Choose a tender guarantee if your firm intends to participate in an aid-funded competitive tender.

Choose a bond guarantee if a foreign purchaser demands a guarantee that the exporter will fulfil its tender, a guarantee for the purchaser’s pre-payment, or a guarantee that the exporter will make the delivery.

Choose a letter of credit if your firm requires guarantees for confirmed letters of credit issued in connection with exports.

A building loan guarantee may be appropriate if your firm needs to secure financing for new-build ships during their construction.

An energy guarantee may be appropriate if your firm has to guarantee payment in connection with sizable electricity purchase or sale contracts.

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