Application forms

Where can I find the application forms?

Answer: You can find the application forms here.

Who can apply for a guarantee?

Answer: Norwegian exporters, foreign purchasers and banks/other financial institutions. Norwegian purchasers may apply for guarantees in connection with ship purchases.

What can my firm apply for?

Answer: All of GIEK’s export-risk-coverage products can be applied for.

Can I apply for a guarantee for a small sum?

Answer: Yes, contact the guarantee department for more information.

Where is the application form?

Answer: You will find the application forms and terms here.

What requirements will I face in the application process?

Answer: This depends on the type of application and the project specification, but GIEK generally requests satisfactory information on the purchaser, project, environmental and CSR matters, an anti-corruption declaration, an export declaration, etc.

How long does the application process take?

Answer: Applications are normally processed within six to eight weeks if GIEK receives the necessary information and no special factors have to be considered during the application process.


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